Vaxell engines

Vaxell engines are designed and produced by Świątek company, which has 40-year experience of constructing and tuning internal combustion engines.

Continuous power (HP)93 hp75 hp60 hp52 hp35 hp
rpm 3 180 rpm3 120 rpm3 180 rpm4 370 rpm4 640 rpm
Cylinder layout"boxer""boxer""boxer"V-2/90°V-2/90°
Dry weight (Kg)73,35 kg71,55 kg71,25 kg52,80 kg34,60 kg
Fuel supplyelectronic multipoint
fuel injection
managed by acalculatingelectronic(ECU)
Number of cylinders44422
Production time3 months3 months3 months3 months3 months
Reduction gear unitwithoutwithoutwithout1:1,651:1,77
Vaxell engines are designed for:

  • ULM aircrafts, small planes, motorized hang-gliders, hovercrafts, other means of transport and vehicles that require efficient propulsion.