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Vaxell – Świątek company’s trade mark

Vaxell engines are designed and produced by a polish company Świątek,which has almost half a century experience of constructing and tuning internal combustion engines.Vaxell - Świątek company's trademark

Świątek – a specialist of camshaft

Vaxell engines are fitted with the latest design fuel injection and ignition computer. They were designed by Świątek company, using blocks and parts of well known engine, Volkswagen VW-type-1. And these engines also have a special camshaft, in order to reach the best performance of propeller propulsion.

Behind of Vaxell, which is Świątek company’s trade mark, stands a specialist of camshafts, having a 30 years long experience of camshafts production.

That is why, aircraft’s camshafts developed by Świątek lower the range of maximum speed’s revolutions, and increase the torque significantly.

Vaxell - Świątek company's trademark for aircraft's camshafts

Dynamometers from Świątek

An other field of Świątek activity are dynamometers of all kinds. For instance, we are producing a variety of power dynos and test benches for cars:

Dynamometers for cars

And portable benches for cycles:

Portable bench for cycles

And of course, test benches for aircraft engines, as well:

Test bench for aircraft engines