VX 50i – V2/90° (discontinued)

Due to the current situation, which is manifested by the increasing difficulties in supplying original parts for this engine, we are no longer in a position to commit ourselves to delivery times, and are therefore obliged to remove this engine (50i) from the price list.

It is still possible to buy the other Vaxell engines, i.e. all 4-cylinder boxers : 100i, 80i, 60i, and the V2-40i.


Vaxell 50i is a 4-stroke, V-twin engine with multi-point injection, helical gearbox, and single electronic ignition. It is also equipped with an intake manifold and an in-house camshaft, specifically designed. With a displacement of 997 cm3, it develops 52 HP at 4,370 rpm.

Basic technical information:
Construction2 cylinder V2/90°
Continuous power52 hp at 4 370 rpm
Dry weight52.8 kg
Reduction gear unit1:1.65
TBO1500 h
Propeller RPM2 650 1/min
Fuel supplyelectronic multipoint fuel injection

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