VX 100i (VW BOXER)

The VX-100i is, like all Vaxell 4-cylinder engines designed and manufactured by the Polish company Świątek, a 4-stroke boxer engine with direct drive, multipoint injection and dual electronic ignition. It also features a specially designed intake manifold and in-house designed and manufactured camshaft. Air-cooled, with a displacement of 2,275 cm3, it develops 93 HP at 3,180 rpm.

Nowadays, fuel injection is used in all cars. It benefits from decades of development and millions of vehicles built and running every day. So its reliability is nothing like it was in the early days. Fuel injection also means lower fuel consumption, because the right amount of petrol is always injected. But that doesn’t mean there’s any risk of tightening.

Technical information

Basic technical information:
Construction4 cylinder engine cooled by the air in boxer system
Continuous power93  HP / 3180 rpm
Dry weight73,35 kg ÷ 77,25 kg
Propeller drivedirect from crankshaft (without transmission gear)
Fuel supplyelectronic multipoint fuel injection
Ignitiondouble, electronically operated
Cylinder capacity2 275 cm3
Bore  x stroke94 x 82 mm
Degree of compression8,0
Starting power93 HP
Torque223 Nm at 2400 rpm
Thrust152 kg at 2950 rpm (depending on the propeller)
Direction of rotation of the propellercounterclockwise
Controller (ECU)EMU-Black

User’s Manual  – VAXELL 100i

Power and torque 100i
Power and torque 100i

Injection or carburetor ?

An injection is managed by calculator, which means electronic-driven. However, an important part of pilots, which are interested by Vaxell, don’t want to hear about electronics. Taking that into account, Vaxell took the decision of offering engines with carburetor too, instead of injection.

Compared to the injection versions, they will certainly have a higher fuel consumption. But they will have all the rest like the others : same excellent camshafts, same intake systems, displacements and compression ratios, same crankshafts and theirs hub extensions (lenghtenings).