Vaxell engines

Vaxell – a new brand of aviation engines

Vaxell aeronautical engines are designed and manufactured by Świątek, a company, which has 40 years of experience in the preparation of automotive engines. These 4-cylinder boxer direct-drive engines are based on Volkswagen-type-1 blocks, and VW parts.

There are three models: 100i of 2,275 cm3, 80i of 1,914 cm3, and 60i of 1,594 cm3. All of these models are multi-point injection, have a specific intake collector and a homemade cam shaft. The injection, as well as the electronic dual ignition are managed by a calculator from Ecumaster, the EMU-Black.

Thanks to the homemade cam shaft, their particularity lies in the lowering of the maximum power regime. Compared to other VW-based developments, the Vaxells are also characterized by a much higher torque.

Vaxell's 4-cyl. power & torque
Vaxell’s Power & torque

On the other hand, the two 90-degree V-shaped twin-cylinders are reductive, simple electronic ignition, and single-point injection. They use industrial engine parts.

Of course, the manufacturer has equipped them with specific cam shafts, of which he is a specialist, and specially designed gearboxes. Injection and ignition are managed by an Ecumaster’s calculator, the EMU-Classic.

Announcement: Due to the current situation (it means, in autumn 2021), which is manifested by the increasing difficulties in supplying original parts for the V2-50i engine, we are no longer able to commit ourselves to delivery times and are therefore forced to remove that engine from the price list.

Between twin-cylinders, only the V2-40i model remains available.


Continuous power (HP)93 hp75 hp60 hp52 hp35 hp
rpm 3 180 rpm3 120 rpm3 180 rpm4 370 rpm4 640 rpm
Cylinder layout"boxer""boxer""boxer"V-2/90°V-2/90°
Dry weight (Kg)73,35 kg71,55 kg71,25 kg52,80 kg34,60 kg
Number of cylinders44422
Ignitiondual electronicdual electronicdualsinglesingle
Fuel supplymultipoint injectionmanaged by anelectroniccontrol unit(ECU)
Reduction gear unitwithoutwithoutwithout1:1,651:1,77
Production time3 months3 months4 months4 months4 months

Vaxell engines’ use

Vaxell engines are designed for:

ULM aircrafts, small planes, motorized hang-gliders, hovercrafts, other means of transport and vehicles that require efficient and reliable propulsion.

They are not certified, however we apply all our know-how and energy, with the aim that their reliability meets the expectations of our customers.

All our engines are tested on two benches: on a power one, and on a propeller bench, and this for 6 to 10 hours. They are delivered ready to use, with a guarantee of 2 years or 200 hours of operation.

Propeller bench
Propeller bench
WARNING: Due to safety requirements during transport, engines are delivered WITHOUT oil.