Vaxell Aircraft Engines

Vaxell Aircraft Engines

Vaxell engines were designed by Swiatek company, which has 30-year experience of constructing and tuning internal combustion engines. Vaxell engines are fitted with the latest design fuel injection and ignition computer, which was constructed by Swiatek company. The engines also have a special camshaft as well as induction system in order to reach the best performance of airscrew propulsion.


Safety of Vaxell Engines includes:
• Tested construction: 4 cylinder boxer
• Double ignition system
• Direct airscrew propulsion
• Multipoint fuel injection
• Aircraft navigation computer – DSL
• Electronic security system OBS (On Board Security)

Vaxell engines are designed for:
• ULM aircrafts
• Small planes
• Motorized hang-gliders
• Hovercrafts
• Other means of transport and vehicles that require efficient propulsion

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